the mid points of the sides of a triangle are (3,4) , (4,1) , (2,0).find the coordinates of the vertices of the triangle.

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Expert Answer:

Let A(x 1 ,y 1 ) , B(x 2 ,y 2 ), C(x 3 ,y 3 ) be the vertices of a triangle and D(3,4),E(4,1),F(2,0)be the midpoint of sides AB,BCand CA

Then by midpoint formula,

 (x1+x2/2 , y1+y2/2)=(3,4)

 x1+x2/2 =3




Similarly, use mid point formula again to get 4 more equations. Solve the equations to get the coordinates of A, B, and C

Answered by  | 1st Jan, 2013, 09:52: PM

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