The height of a house subtends a right angle at the opposite window.The angle of elevation of the window from the base of the house is 60*.If the width of the roaad is 6m,find the height of the house.

Asked by Ponrajan Himashree | 4th Apr, 2014, 08:09: PM

Expert Answer:

Given that the angle of elevation = 60 degree
Width of the road = 6 m
Consider the following figure:
In this figure, CD is the height of the house and A is the position of the window.
Let h be the height of the house.
Thus, AB=CD=h
Now consider the triangle ABC:
tan 60 degree equals fraction numerator A B over denominator B C end fraction rightwards double arrow square root of 3 equals h over 6 rightwards double arrow h equals 6 square root of 3 space m

Answered by  | 6th Apr, 2014, 05:48: PM

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