The dees are provided with the current, which in turn will produce magnetic field other that the provided external magnetic field. will there be any effect of this magnetic field created by the dees on the motion of the particle inside the cyclotron? If yes then explain, if not explain why not?
how is the particle revolution and the change in polarity synchronised?
please answer both the questions separately

Asked by anusha bala | 15th Jul, 2016, 11:10: PM

Expert Answer:

(i) The dees are provided with alternating current and not direct current. So, due to changing polarity of the current the magnetic field produced in positive cycle cancels the field produced in the negative cycle. 
Hence, there will be no change or influence of another field on the externally applied field.
(ii) The frequency of the applied RF voltage is set in such a way that it matches with the frequency of cyclotron. Hence, the polarity change and the particle revolution from one dee to the other is synchronised.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 18th Jul, 2016, 11:12: AM