What do you mean by cyclotron frequency?

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Expert Answer:

Since time taken by the ion to describe a semi—circular path begin mathsize 11px style straight t space equals space πr over straight nu space equals space πm over Bq end style               

Now, if T is the time period of oscillating electric field then

T = 2 t 

Therefore frequency of oscillating field is given by,  

 therefore,  begin mathsize 11px style straight nu space equals space 1 over straight T space equals space fraction numerator 1 over denominator 2 straight t end fraction space equals space fraction numerator Bq over denominator 2 πm end fraction end style

This frequency of oscillating electric field is commonly referred as the cyclotron frequency. It is also known as magnetic resonance frequency. From the expression, it is clear that the cyclotron frequency depends on magnetic field B as well as the charge and mass of ion beam to be accelerated. However, the cyclotron frequency is independent of the speed of the charged particle or radius of semi—circular path described by them

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