Suppose a company manufactures x units.

And the cost of manufacturing these x units comes out to be a cost function given as c(x)=2x3 -60x2 +1500. Definitely the company would like to minimise its cost to attain maximum profit. So here we would like to know how many units should be manufactured to get minimum cost,

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Expert Answer:

We will find out that using our second derivative test.

For that we need to differentiate this function

We get dc over dx equals 6 straight x squared minus 120 straight x

Taking dc over dx equals 0 to find extreme points

            6x(x - 20)=0

Since x≠0 because x=0 means no production so we take x=20.

Now, to check whether this will maximise or minimise cost. We need to find the second derivative, which is fraction numerator straight d squared straight c over denominator dx squared end fraction equals 12 straight x minus 120

This second derivative at x=20 is

            12 x 20 – 120 = 240 – 120 = 120

which is positive.

This indicates that x=20 is a point of local minima.

Hence, we can say cost is minimum when 20 units of items are produced.

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