state two merits and two demerits of the modern periodic table

Asked by Parag | 7th Jul, 2013, 10:51: AM

Expert Answer:

Merits are:

1. The classification of elements is based on the atomic number, which is a more fundamental property.

2. The reason for placing isotopes at one place is justified as the classification is on the basis of atomic number.

3. It explains the periodicity of the properties of the elements and relates them to their electronic configurations.

5. The position of the elements that were misfits on the basis of mass number (anomalous pairs like argon and potassium) could be justified on the basis of atomic number.

6. The lanthanides and actinides are placed separately at the bottom of the

periodic table.

7. The table is simple, systematic and easy way for remembering the properties of various elements as it is based on the electronic configuration.


  • Hydrogen resembles both the alkali metals and halogens. But it has been placed with the alkalis.
  • The lanthanides and actinides have not been placed in the main body of the table.

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