Solve (x+7/x+4)>1;x belongs to R

Asked by sankarprasadroy1187 | 11th Feb, 2020, 07:03: PM

Expert Answer:

To solve (x+7/x+4)>1; x belongs to R
fraction numerator x plus 7 over denominator x plus 4 end fraction greater than 1 space i s space d e f i n e d space w h e n space x plus 4 not equal to 0 space rightwards double arrow space x not equal to negative 4
T h e space a b o v e space i n e q u a l i t y space i s space t r u e space w h e n space x plus 4 greater than 0
rightwards double arrow x greater than negative 4
H e n c e comma space x element of open parentheses negative 4 comma space infinity close parentheses

Answered by Renu Varma | 13th Feb, 2020, 02:36: PM