sir, can you please help me solving this question Question:-check the continuity of the following function at 2. f(x)={1/2((x^2)-4) if 02 thanks!

Asked by Bharadwaj.R.S | 20th Sep, 2010, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

f(x) = 12x2-4  for x<2         =0,                 for x=2         = 2-8x-3    for x>2limx212x2-4=0   and limx2 2-8x-3=  limx22-8x3=2-1=1limx2f(x)limx2f(x)hence f(x) is not continuous at x=2">

Answered by  | 20th Sep, 2010, 06:20: PM

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