short note of about 150 words on"role of acidic and basic medium in various biochemical reactions taking place in our body"

Asked by pooja anand | 4th Aug, 2012, 06:18: PM

Expert Answer:

Acids and bases come into play in every day life in everything from digestion of the foods you eat to the medicine you take and even cleaning products you use. 

Human metabolism produces metabolic acids, and the acid-base balance is maintained by the lungs, liver and kidneys. Too much acid can result in a condition known as acidosis, characterised by headache, drowsiness and coma, while too much alkali can result in alkalosis, characterised by irritability and muscle cramp or spasm.

Acids and bases are found in foods, the environment and in chemicals including pharmaceuticals. The pH levels in the blood are required to stay neutral, which is at a level of 7. When a dieter eats acidic foods, the body uses a buffering system to neutralize the positive ions released from the acids. Conversely, bases are also controlled to keep the body from becoming too alkaline.

 For example, without the strong acid present in our stomachs, we would not be able to digest food. More importantly, an organism needs to be able to control the level of acid within its cells for life to be possible.

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