Sexual reproduction gives rise to more viable variatons than asexual reproduction.Why?

Asked by ashok sharma | 3rd Mar, 2012, 08:59: PM

Expert Answer:

In asexual reproduction, not much genetic variation is possible since the offsprings have the same genes as the parents.  There would be only very minor differences between them, generated due to small inaccuracies in DNA copying. If there are more variations, then the resultant DNA will not be able to survive inside the inherited cellular apparatus.

In sexual reproduction, the offsprings receive some genes from mother and some from father. This results in mixing of maternal and paternal genes in various combinations. The resultant DNA is able to survive inside the inherited cellular apparatus. Hence the offspring will exhibit genetic variations and will not be identical to their parents or to one another. 

Answered by  | 5th Mar, 2012, 07:43: AM

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