Ratio area

Asked by T S | 31st Dec, 2013, 12:24: AM

Expert Answer:

Given that the points P and Q divides the line BA and CD respectively in the ratio 2 : 5, the line PQ is parallel to AD and BC.
Thus, the line PQ divides the parallelogram ABCD in to two parallelograms APQD and PBCQ.
Observe the following figure.
Let 'h' be the vertcial height of the parallelogram.
The area of the parallelogram APQD, ar(APQD) =
The area of the parallelogram PBCQ, ar(PBCQ) =
The ratio of their areas,

Answered by Vimala Ramamurthy | 1st Jan, 2014, 09:15: AM

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