Q. give 3 differences b/w allopatric and sympatric speciation?

Asked by deepitapai | 1st Jan, 2009, 01:30: PM

Expert Answer:

Allopatric speciation
 Sympatric speciation
1. The formation of two or more species requires geographical isolation of subpopulations of the species.
2. It is a common method of speciation in plants and animals.
2. For example, speciation of Charles Darwin's Galapagos Finches.
1. Geographical isolation of subpopulations of the species is not required.
2. It is vastly more common in plants and rare in animals.
3. For example, the speciation of three-spined sticklebacks, freshwater fishes in British Columbia.

Answered by  | 2nd Jan, 2009, 11:40: AM

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