plz solve the follwing qustion!!! urgent..

Asked by manav.dhiman | 17th Jul, 2009, 07:37: PM

Expert Answer:

since the tile is triangular, the area of of the triangle with sides 9,28,35 can be obtained by heros formula

A =s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c) where s=a+b+c/2

A =36(27)(8)(1)

A =9x4x6

A =366

this is area of one triangle therefore area of 16 triangles =5766

The cost of polishing this area =50 x5766

                                                 =288006 paise

                                             =70560 paise approx  (the value of 6=2.45app)


Answered by  | 18th Jul, 2009, 08:22: PM

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