Pls reply soon with explaining it !!!Pls

Asked by nidhilmohan | 14th Jan, 2010, 05:36: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student

 F1 = (m2/ a2

F2=(m2/ a2

F= F1 cos30 + F2 cos 30o = (m2/ a2 )  2cos30

Distance of the particle from the centre of the triangle =R

R cos 30 =a/2  ==>     R  =a/ (2cos30)

If the particles continuous to rotate in circle  ==> centripetal force balanced by F

therefore F= mV2/ R =mV2 X2cos30/ a

mV2 X2cos30/ a   =(m2/ a2 )  2cos30    ==>V= m   /   a



Answered by  | 14th Jan, 2010, 10:16: AM

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