please tell me the information and diffrences between acids,bases and salts.

Asked by kanav2001 | 11th Oct, 2017, 04:55: PM

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Arrhenius Definition

An acid produces protons.

A base produces hydroxyl ions.

Bronsted Lowry Definition

An acid is any substance which donates a proton.

A base is any substance which accepts a proton.

pH value

Less than 7.0

Greater than 7.0

Litmus paper

Blue litmus paper turns red

Red litmus paper turns blue


Remains colorless

Changes colour of the solution from colourless to pink

Dissociation (in water)

Produces hydrogen ions (H+) when mixed with water.

Produces hydroxide ions (OH) when mixed with water.


HCl (Hydrochloric Acid). CH3COOH  (Acetic Acid or vinegar).

NaOH (Sodium Hydroxide).

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 11th Oct, 2017, 06:40: PM