please explain how tides are formed. and how tides go up and down periodically

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Expert Answer:

Roughly every 12 hours, the oceans on each side of the globe rise a little and then fall back.
These tides are caused by the varying gravitational pull between the spinning Earth and the
Moon and the Sun.


When the Sun and Moon are aligned with each other and the Earth, the Sun's gravity will pull on our ocean in the same direction that the Moon is pulling it, creating the highest, high tide and the lowest, low tide of the month. These are called 'Spring Tides', not named for the season, but to illustrate a leaping motion instead.

When the Sun and Moon form a 90° angle in relation to the Earth, 'Neap Tides' are formed. Half of the tidal bulge faces the Moon and the other faces the Sun. Remember, since the moon is closer to Earth than the Sun, the bulge will be larger on the side closest to the Moon. These produce the highest low tides and the lowest high tides.

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