Out of bacteria,spider,fish and chimpanzee, which organism has a better body design in evolutionary terms? Give reason for your answer.

Asked by  | 11th Mar, 2013, 10:29: AM

Expert Answer:

It is not possible to compare body design of these organisms since each has its own habitat which is different from others. Hence they possess unique features to survive in their environmental conditions. 
Also the concept of evolution cannot be equated with progress or better body designs. Evolution causes generation of diversity and the shaping of the diversity by environmental selection. Due to evolution, more and more complex body designs have emerged over time. But this does not mean older and simpler body designs are inefficient and complex body designs like spiders, fish and chimpanzee have better, body design. Many of the older and simpler body design still survive.
In fact, bacteria having a simple body design are still the most cosmopolitan organisms found on earth. They can even survive in the most inhospitable habitats like hot springs, deep sea, and  freezing environment. Therefore, bacteria, spiders, fish, and chimpanzees are all different branches of evolution. All the organisms which exist have a body design that is good as it is suited to their environment.

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