Out of a light and heavy body having equal kinetic energy which one will move fast?

Asked by Muruga | 16th Jan, 2018, 09:01: AM

Expert Answer:

Kinetic energy = (1/2)mv2 , m is mass and v is velocity
let ml and vl is mass and velocity of light body respectively.
let mh and vh is mass and velocity of heavy body respectively
begin mathsize 12px style K i n e t i c space e n e r g y space i s space s a m e semicolon space 1 half m subscript l v subscript l superscript 2 space equals space 1 half m subscript h v subscript h superscript 2 sin c e space m subscript l space less than space m subscript h space comma space v subscript l space end subscript greater than space v subscript h end style
obviously lighter rod will move fast

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 16th Jan, 2018, 09:18: AM

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