Need a test paper of 80 marks on the following chapters 

1) absorption through roots

2) photosynthesis 

3)Excretory system

4) health organization 


Asked by Sunita | 3rd Mar, 2018, 09:29: AM

Expert Answer:

Some of the important questions on these chapters are:
1. Absorption by Roots
a. Mechanism of closing and opening of stomata
b. Examples of turgor movement in plants
c.Change of plant cell in hypitonic and hypertonic solutions
d. Labelling of root hair, stomata
2. Photosynthesis
a. Demonstration of photosynthesis experiment (questions on experiments)
b. Necessity of destarching the plant before conducting the experiment
c. Chemical changes during light and dark reaction
d. Interrelation between transpiration and photosynthesis (can be covered in Transpiration chapter)
e. Role of various plant parts (stomata, guard cell, mesophyll cell, xylem tisue, phloem tissue
f. Ecosystem (Steps in Food chain with a diagram)
3. Excretory System
a. Functions of urinary system (Loop of Henle, Renal artery, Glomerulus)
b. Difference between urinary parts
c. Labelling the urinary part and kidney with specific functions 
4. Health Organization
a. Role of WHO, UNICEF, UNESCO, Red Cross
b. Role of State Governemnt, Central Government, Municipalities, Community Health Centres in Health (both rurala nd urban)
5. Transpiration
a. Functions of hydathodes, leaf spines, cuticle
b. Differences between transpiration, photosyhthesis, guttation, bleeding (inter-related differnces)
c. Potometer experiment
d. Demonstartion of transpiration, wilting of leaves, different types of transpiration (stomatal and lenticular)

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 3rd Mar, 2018, 11:22: AM

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