name the criteria that defines the state of a matter..??

Asked by rhinithaa | 4th Jul, 2009, 04:56: PM

Expert Answer:

State of a substance is basically a function of interparticle forces.

eg H2O exist as liquid at room temperature while  H2S  is a gas. This is because intermolecular forces in water are stronger than in H2S .

So is the case of most of ionic compounds as ionic inieraction between oppositely charged ions is strong enough to make them a solid at room temp.

On the basis of interparticle forces only  interparticle space is defined.

 Energy of particles is a function of temperature. As water also exists as steam when temp. is raised because molecules gain energy to overcome intermolecular forces.

Answered by  | 4th Jul, 2009, 05:19: PM

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