Name and describe two protective tissues of plants.Give their another function as well.

Asked by Rahul Jaglan | 24th Jun, 2018, 01:52: PM

Expert Answer:

Types of protective tissues in plants


Location  Characteristics Function
  • Present in the outermost layer of leaves, flowers, stem and roots.
  • One-cell thick and covered with a cuticle.
  • Cells are elongated and flattened.
  • Do not contain intercellular spaces between them.
  • Protects the plant from desiccation and infection.


  • The outermost layer formed after epidermis undergoes certain changes.
  • Consists of one type of cell.
  • Cells are rectangular.
  • Protoplasts are vacuolated and contain tannins and chloroplasts.
  • Prevents desiccation, infection and mechanical injury.
  • Protects from fire.
  • Used as shock-absorber, flooring, and making of sports goods.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 25th Jun, 2018, 01:18: PM