momentum! plz answer!

Asked by Neelimathegr8 | 22nd Mar, 2009, 02:06: PM

Expert Answer:

You should know the following formulae

Momentum p = mv.

Kinetic energy ,K = 1/2mv2 = p2/2m


1. Two bodies have different masses, say one is m and the other is M.

Their momenta are equal so mV = Mv

The smaller mass should have larger V for the momenta to be equal.

2. Use formula K = p2 /2m;

K for larger mass is p2 /2M

K for smaller mass is p2 /2m.

As p is the same for both masses, the object with larger mass will have lesser kinetic energy.


Answered by  | 23rd Mar, 2009, 09:41: AM

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