let the opposite angular points of a square be (3,4) and (-1,1). find the coordinates of the remaining angular points?

Asked by nmenghani | 2nd Mar, 2011, 12:00: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear student,
Let A(3, 4) and C(1, -1) be the given angular points of the square ABCD and let B(x, y) be the unknown vertex.
Then, AB = BC
AB2 = BC2
(x-3)2 + (y-4)2 = (x+1)2 + (y-1)2
This gives x =
Also, AB2 + BC= AC2
Using distance formula, find an equation from the above relation and then substitute the value of x from equation (1) in the obtained equation. That will give the values for y. Find the corresponding values of x.
The points (x, y) will be the required two angular points of the square.
We hope that clarifies your query.

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