Ina given triangle ABC ,P, Q and R are the mid point of BC ,CA and AB respectively. If BP = 3.6 cm,AC = 4.8 cm and PQ = 2.3 cm find the value of RQ ,RP ,AR AND AB

Asked by nihalcrj2006 | 28th Jun, 2021, 08:09: PM

Expert Answer:

If middle points of two sides of triangle is joined together by a line, then this line is parallel to the third side of triangle
and its length is half of third side.
For example, R and Q are mid points of AB and AC respectively.
Line RQ is parallel to side BC . RQ = (1/2) BC.
Above mentioned property is used to get the required line segments and they are marked in the figure.

Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 19th Sep, 2021, 01:23: PM