In the Gold leaf experiment, when a positively charged rod is brought near the gold leaf electroscope, the rod attracts electrons from the metal sheets placed below the rod .Why electrons present is the metal sphere does not get attracted? Why will electrons come from the sheets?

Asked by Vasavi GS | 14th May, 2013, 02:53: PM

Expert Answer:

Which metal sheets are you talking about? A gold leaf electroscope has a metal sphere at the top connected to a metal rod which in turn is connected to a gold leaf. So, when a positively charged rod is brought near the top metal sphere, it attracts electrons from the sphere and hence, more electrons start flowing from the metal rod and the gold leaf towards the top resulting in a net positive charge on the bottom of the rod and gold leaf resulting in a divergence of leaf from the rod. 

Answered by  | 15th May, 2013, 08:49: PM

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