In AB2O4, the oxide ions are placed in cubic close packed lattice, cation A is present in tetrahedral voids and cations B are present in octahedral voids. What is the percentage of tetrahedral and octahedral voids occupied by A and B respectively?

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Expert Answer:

In CCP lattice of oxide ions, there would be two tetrahedral voids and one octahedral void for each oxide ion. Therefore for four oxide ions, there would be 8 tetrahedral and 4 octahedral voids. Out of 8 tetrahedral voids, 1 is occupied by

A and out of 4 octahedral voids 2 are occupied by B
% of tetrahedral voids occupied by A =begin mathsize 10px style 1 over 8 cross times 100 equals 12.5 % end style
% of octahedral voids occupied by B =begin mathsize 10px style 2 over 4 cross times 100 equals 50 % end style

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