• in a pond, a lotus flower bloomed one day.the second day,the number of flowers becomes two and the third day it becomes four.on the fourth day it becomes eight and this pattern continued.on the 15th day, the pond becomes half  filled with lotus flowers.how many more days will it take for the pond to be fully flled with lotus flowers?state the number of flowers needed to fill the pond in exponential form.


  • the area of a square field is 4096 metre squared.what is the lenght of each side?

Asked by Trisha Gupta | 4th Sep, 2019, 01:34: PM

Expert Answer:

Area of a Square   = (Side)2
→         4096        = (Side)
Taking square root on both the sides, we get
Side = 64m
All the sides of a Square are of equal length.
Therefore the lenght of each side is 64m.

Answered by Yasmeen Khan | 5th Sep, 2019, 11:11: AM