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ICSE Class 10 Answered

ICSE Class 10 Selina solutions Cylinder Cone And Sphere-Ex20A26       In the above question, why only curved surface area of the cylinder has been calculated?  Why not the area of cross section of the other side of the cylinder?
Asked by nadiahussainkhan.0111 | 31 Jan, 2023, 06:09: PM
answered-by-expert Expert Answer
It appears that given solid is combination of cube and cylinder. Cylider is fixed on a surface of cube as shown in figure.
Side of cube equals to diameter of cylinder.
Let A1 be the surface area of top surface of cylinder ( see figure ).
Let A2 be remaining  area of top surface  of cube after fixing the cylinder on top of cube.
It is to be noted that , sum of A1 and A2 is surface area of face of cube.
Hence top surface area of cylinder is included in top surface area of cube .
Bottom surface area of cylinder coincide with top susrface area of cube.
Hence surface area of solid is surface area of 6 faces of cube and surface area of only curved surface of cylinder.
Answered by Thiyagarajan K | 31 Jan, 2023, 07:00: PM
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