How can you prepare primary, secondary and tertiary amine by reduction?

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Expert Answer:

Primary, secondary and tertiary amines can be prepared by reduction of the corresponding amides.

C6H5CONH+ 4[H] ---------------->  C6H5CH2NH2 + H2O     
For preparing secondary and tertiary amines we need to reduce the secondary and tertiary amides.
CH3CONHCH3  --------------->  CH3CH2NHCH3
   N-methyl acetamide                       Ethyl methyl amine 20
          CH3                                                     CH3
          |            LiAlH4/Ether                 |                       
CH3CON-CH3 ---------------->   CH3CH2N-CH3
N,N-Dimethylacetamide          Ethyl dimethyl amine 30

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