how can you determine the coordinates of the point of intersection of a perpendicular and the corresponding base of any triangle, if the coordinates of its vertices are given?

Asked by suryap2 | 1st Oct, 2010, 09:38: PM

Expert Answer:

dear student,
let us consider a triangle ABC,
where AD is the perpendicular on BC.
we can find the slope of BC using the coordinates of B and C.
product of the slopes of AD and BC has to be they are perpendicular lines.
so you can find the equation of the line AD using slope point form as the coordinats of A are known.
now find the equation of BC using two point form.
solve the equations of AD and BC, to get the coordinates of D
hope this clarifies your doubt.

Answered by  | 2nd Oct, 2010, 10:41: AM

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