1. Hi sir can you tell any four advantages of transpiration????
  2. Sir  plant have no blood yet we sometimes say that a plant is "bleeding".How do we this answer?????
  3. Is transpiration an excretory process in the plants.....????

Sir please  answer as fast as posible.........

Asked by amarkushwaha83 | 10th Jan, 2019, 08:40: PM

Expert Answer:

1. Advantages of transpiration:

  • Ascent of sap mostly occurs due to pull exerted by transpiration of water.
  • Plants generally absorb far more amount of water than is actually required by them. Transpiration helps to remove the excess water.
  • Radiant heat falling on the plants increases their temperature which may be dangerous to the plants. Transpiration, by evaporating water, lowers down their temperature.
  • The development of mechanical tissues which is essential for providing rigidity and strength to the plants is favoured by the increase in transpiration.

2. Bleeding is the process by which plant loses its substances from the wound. Latex and other exudates are collected from the wound caused in the plant body.  Bleeding occurs due to the pressure of sap within the tissues that conduct water and sugars around the plant.

3. Yes, transpiration is a form of excretory process in plants. Plants use a variety of techniques to remove waste materials. The excess water absorbed from roots is lost through stomata via transpiration.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 11th Jan, 2019, 12:01: PM