Explain the mechanism of stomatal transpiration step by step

Asked by chumki.banerjee001 | 29th Jan, 2019, 06:16: PM

Expert Answer:

Mechanism of stomatal transpiration:

  • The surfaces of spongy mesophyll cells in leaf are exposed to the intercellular spaces.
  • These cells give out a thin film of water. Water from this film evaporates.
  • Water vapour formed saturates the air in the intercellular spaces, diffuses into connecting intercellular spaces and reaches the sub-stomatal space. Finally, it escapes in the atmosphere through air.
  • Water absorbed by roots rises up through the stem and reaches the tissues of leaves.
  • The cell sap in each cell exerts a turgor pressure outward on the cell wall. This pressure forces some water out of the cell wall into the air space between the cells, i.e. intercellular space.
  • Here, the water evaporates and the water vapour from intercellular spaces diffuses into the sub-stomatal space from where it finally goes out by diffusion through stomata.

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 29th Jan, 2019, 07:06: PM