.Harry has prepared hot sweet corn soup for himself and he has taken 2 utensils,out of which one is a small bowl 🥣 and other is a flat plate 🍽 and he poured 200ml soup in each utensil.
In which case out of bowl and plate,soup will get cool sooner?Give reason for your answer.

Asked by mayurkhanna2580 | 11th Dec, 2021, 10:45: PM

Expert Answer:

When the same amout of soup is poured in flat plate and bowl, the soup poured in the flat plate will cool down faster than that in bowl. This is because among these two utensils, flat plate provides larger surface area which allows heat from soup to dissipate into the air at faster rate than that in bowl. 

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 16th Dec, 2021, 07:21: PM