Give reason why atom is electrical neutral but still it has a tendency to form ion



Asked by Ankitkholi2002 | 5th Feb, 2018, 04:41: AM

Expert Answer:

Atom is the smallest particle of matter, it has sub-particles like positively charged protons, chargeless neutrons present n the nucleus and negatively charged electrons which are revolved around the nucleus.
An atom has the number of positively charged protons equals the number of negatively charged electrons hence atom is electrically neutral.
Atom follows the octet rule which says that if an atom has to attain stability it should have eight electrons n its outermost shell. if an atom has less than 4 electrons in its outermost shell it will lose electrons to form cation to attain stability and if it has more than 4 electrons then it will accept electrons to complete its outermost shell with 8 electrons to attain stability and form an anion. 

Answered by Ramandeep | 5th Feb, 2018, 09:11: AM