give a way to predict the parent acid and parent base of any salt, respond soon,

Asked by Trisha Gupta | 23rd Nov, 2021, 12:29: AM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student
Acid is a substance which releases H+ ion and base is a substance which releases OH- ion.
So you have to look at any compound, and if it is made up by the reaction oif neutralisation(Acid+Base) then-
(1) You have to separate cation and anion.
(2) Add OH at the end of cation according to valency than you will find out parent base.
(3) Add H ion before anion according to valency then you will find out parent acid.
So, for example compound is NaCl
Caion- Na, Anion-Cl
Valency is 1, 1 for both
Now we will add 1, 1 OH and H respectively
So, Parent Acid- HCl  Parent Base-NaOH

Answered by Ravi | 23rd Nov, 2021, 04:25: PM