Find the length of Latus Rectum of the Parabola 169{(x-1)2 +(y-3)2 }=(5x-12y+17)2

Asked by  | 7th Jan, 2009, 07:46: PM

Expert Answer:

as parabola is locus of point which moves in such a way that its distance from a fixed point (focus) and from a fixed line (directrix) is constant  here focus is (1,3) and directrix is 5x-12y+17 = 0     from point (1,3) length of perpendicular to directrix is half the length of latus rectum. 

length of perpendicular is  (5*1 -12*3 +17) /  (52 + 122)  =  14/13  so length of latus rectum is  28/13

Answered by  | 11th Jan, 2009, 12:29: AM

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