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Circle of radius a and diameter on x axis.

y = mx is the chord.

The first point is origin for the chord at the other point y = mx, but this point is also on the circle,


x2 + y2 = a2

x2 + m2x2 = a2

x = ±a/(1 + m2)

For the circle with diameter as the chord, the center will be at (x/2, mx/2) since the two end points of the chord are (0,0) and (x. mx/2)

and radius2, ((x/2)2 + (mx/2)2) = ((x2 + m2x2)/4) = a2/4 

Hence the equation of the circle,

(x - (a/(1 + m2))2 + (y - a/(1 + m2))2  = a2/4





)2 + y2 = a2



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