find out the remainder when x+x^9+x^25+x^49+x^81 divided by x^2-x

Asked by ANVESH agarwal | 15th Oct, 2010, 04:59: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student
Here is the solution of question you have posted
Let P(x) = x+x^9+x^25+x^49+x^81 = x(1+x8+x24+x48+x80)
and Q(X)= x(x-1)
Now When P(x) is divided by Q(X) then x is common factor which cancels out so
remainder when  say S(x)= (1+x8+x24+x48+x80) is divided by R(x)= (x-1) using remainder theorem is S(1)= 5
Hope it clarifies your doubt
Team Topperlearning

Answered by  | 19th Oct, 2010, 01:09: PM

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