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Asked by sahilcoolest | 2nd Mar, 2010, 12:26: PM

Expert Answer:

let the circles with centers O and O' intersect at A and B resply.

consider triangleOAB by joining O to A and O to B.

in triangle OAB,OA=OB.. radii


angle OAB=angle OBA..(i)


in triangle OAB,

angle O'AB=angle O'BA..(ii)

adding  resply the RHS and LHS of (i) and (ii)

 we get

angle OAO'=angle OBO'

so we get that

angle subtended by the line OO' joining the  centers O and O' ,

subtends equal angles at the points A and B of intersection of the circles.


Answered by  | 2nd Mar, 2010, 01:50: PM

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