Edible acids and bases

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Expert Answer:

Edible acids

Acetic acid (Vinegar)

tartaric acid ( in Tamarind)

Citric acid  ( in citrus fruits)

Oxalic acid (in tomato)

Carbonic acid ( in aerated drinks)

Lactic acid ( in sour milk and curd)

Ascorbic acid ( Vitamin C)

Linoleic acid ( ground nut)

Palmitic acid ( in palm oil)

Oleic acid (Olive oil)

Butyric aicd ( in butter fat)

Edible bases:

Sodium bicarbonate ( baking soda and antacid)

Magnesium hydroxide ( as an antacid)

Aluminium hydroxide ( as an antacid)

Calcium hydroxide ( as an antacid)

Argenine ( basic amino acid)

Lysine ( basic amino acid)

Histidine ( basic amino acid)

Caffeine ( in coffee)

Quinine ( in antimalarial medicines)

Quinidine (in heart disease cure and malaria medicines)




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