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Asked by rhinithaa | 11th Oct, 2010, 09:22: PM

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Dear student
Following is the solution of your question
divisibility test of 6 states that a number which is even and divisible by 3 is divisible by 6.
That i swhy we have taken 3 as b in the division lemma you could have taken 6 as well but it will be slightly lengthy in that case.
(ii) In general b is taken as the number by wich divisibility needs to be checked or a factor of that number.
(iii) In III case as  well the same result is used i.e we have taken product of two consecutive integers is an even integer  (3q+3) and (3q+4) are consecutive integers wose product is even and 3q+3 is a multiple of three.
Hope it clarifies your doubt
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