difference between weight and mass

Asked by PUSHPEKABROY1999 | 13th Sep, 2016, 09:50: AM

Expert Answer:

  • Weight is the measurement of the gravitational pull acting on the concerned body.
  • It may vary as per the positioning of the body as the gravitational force or pull also varies accordingly.
  • The SI unit of weight is Newton
  • For e.g.  A body on Moon's surface weighs one sixth of the same on the Earth.


  • Mass is the measurement of the exact amount of matter which a body contains.
  • Thus the value of mass for a body remains same irrespective of the position at which the body is placed.
  • The SI unit of mass is kilogram (Kg)

Weight space left parenthesis straight W right parenthesis equals Mass space left parenthesis straight m right parenthesis space cross times Acceleration space due space to space gravity space left parenthesis straight g right parenthesis

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 14th Sep, 2016, 10:03: AM

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