derivation and expression for the magnetic induction at point dou to strith current carring condoctor

Asked by bhurkeshiva | 16th Apr, 2019, 11:06: PM

Expert Answer:

Consider an infinitely long conductor AB through which current I flows. Let P be any point at a distance a from the centre of conductor. Consider dl be the small current carrying element at point c at a distance r from point p. α be the angle between r and dl. l be the distance between centre of the coil and elementary length dl.

From biot-savart law, magnetic field due to current carrying element dl at point P is

from above three equations
Total magnetic field due to straight current carrying conductor is
This is the final expression for total magnetic field due to staright current carrying conductor.

Answered by Ankit K | 17th Apr, 2019, 11:17: AM