An electron and a proton having equal momenta enter a uniform magnetic field at right angles to the field lines. What will be the ratio of the radii of curvature of their trajectories?


Asked by Nareshthakur4321nct | 17th Jan, 2019, 09:24: AM

Expert Answer:

The radius of curvature,
r equals fraction numerator m v over denominator B q end fraction
m space minus space m a s s
v space minus space v e l o c i t y space
B space minus space m a g n e t i c space f i e l d
q minus space c h a r g e space
p equals space m v space left parenthesis m o m e n t u m right parenthesis
Momentum for electron and proton are same.
Also B and q are equal. 
Hence, the ratio of radius of curvature for electron (r1) and proton (r2) is,
r subscript 1 over r subscript 2 equals 1 colon 1

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 17th Jan, 2019, 09:48: AM