define all the important component of ceol with diagram.what is protoplasm

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In your query, if you are referring to the components of a cell, the answer for the query is detailed below.

The important components of a cell are detailed below. For diagram, please refer to the topic notes on the website-

Cell organelles




Centre of the cytoplasm

Regulates cell functions

Contains chromosomes, made of genes, which control hereditary characteristics


Spherical, rod-shaped dispersed in the cytoplasm

Produces ATP which acts as energy currency for the cell

Endoplasmic reticulum

Irregular network of tubular double membrane distributed over the entire cell cytoplasm

Folding of proteins

Transport of synthesised proteins

Golgi apparatus

Stacks of flattened membrane sacs located near the nucleus

Modification and export of proteins


Fluid-filled or solid-filled and membrane-bounded spaces in the cell cytoplasm

Store water and other substances, food, pigments and waste products

Provides turgidity to the cells


Simple, tiny, single membrane-bound sacs dispersed in cell cytoplasm

Digest and remove wastes from the cell


Dense, spherical, small granules, either scattered in the cytoplasm or attached to the outside of endoplasmic reticulum

Synthesise proteins

Plastids (only in plant cells)

Oval, spherical and disc-shaped dispersed in cell cytoplasm

Site for manufacture and storage of important chemical compounds used by the cell

Protoplasm or protoplast is the living part of a cell which consists of cytoplasm, nucleus and other living bodies in the cell.

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