coordinate geometry

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Expert Answer:

Let the coordinates of Circumcentre be (x,y) Now this is equidistant from all the three VERTICES namely
 (3,0).(-1,-6), (4,-1)

Apply distance formula and equate the three distances

(x-3)2+y2 =(x+1)2+(y+6)2=(x-4)2+(y+1)2

Solve the three equations

   (x-3)2+y2 =(x+1)2+(y+6)2

(x+1)2+(y+6)2=(x-4)2+(y+1)2 and (x-3)2+y2  = (x-4)2+(y+1)2

and obtain x,y. 

Circumradius will be  sqrt(  (x-3)2+y2)

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