concentrated nitric acid used in the laboratory work is 68% nitric acid by mass in aqua solution what should be the molarity of such example of the acid if the density of the solution is 1.504 grams mL^-1

Asked by amzad739635 | 23rd Aug, 2019, 10:10: PM

Expert Answer:

Density of nitric acid = 1.054 g/L
68% HNO3 means 68 gm of acid dissolved in 100 gm of solution
We know
Density space equals fraction numerator Mass space over denominator Volume end fraction

space 1.05 space space equals 68 over Volume

Volume space equals space 64.76 space ml
Molar mass of  HNO3 = 63 gm/mol
No. of moles of  HNO3 =
equals space fraction numerator 64.76 over denominator 63 end fraction

equals 1.02 space mol
Molarity HNO3 is,
equals fraction numerator No. space of space moles space over denominator Volume space of space solution space in space straight L end fraction

equals fraction numerator 1.02 over denominator 0.064 end fraction

equals space 15.87 space straight M

Answered by Varsha | 26th Aug, 2019, 11:47: AM