Compare fertilizers and manures.

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i. Manure is obtained by decomposition of plant residues and animal wastes and is a natural substance.

i. Fertilizer is an inorganic salt or an organic compound depending on the source from where it has been made.

ii. The amount of essential nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium is less in manures.  

ii. Fertilizers are rich in essential nutrients which are required for the growth of plants.

iii. It adds great amount of organic matter to soil.

iii. It adds large amount of chemicals in soil instead of organic matter.

iv. Absorption of manures is slow in plants as they are not soluble in water.

iv. Absorption is fast as fertilizers are soluble in water.

v. It removes general deficiency of soil.

v. It removes specific deficiency of nutrients in soil.

vi. It is cheap and can be made at home.

vi. It is costly and cannot be prepared at home.

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