Commercially available concentrated hydrochloric acid contains 38% HCl by mass- (i) What is the molarity of the solution (Density of solution= 1.19g/mol). (ii) What volume of concentrated HCl is required to make 1 litre of 0.1 molar strength.

Asked by mesamit | 31st Jul, 2010, 04:04: PM

Expert Answer:

  38% solution means 38 gms of HCl is present in 100 grams of solution


Density = 1.19g/cm3


Volume = Mass /Density

Volume= 100/1.19cm3=84.03 cm3



Moles= 38/98= 0.3877


Molarity= molesX1000/volume


Molarity = 0.3877X1000/84.03


Molarity = 387.7/84.03=4.61M





M1 V1= M 2 V2

4.61 X V1= 1 X 0.1

V1= 0.1/4.61

V1= 0.0216 l

V1= 21.6 ml

Answered by  | 31st Jul, 2010, 08:20: PM

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