can you please explain the concept of resolution of vectors into components

Asked by vishalt | 16th Apr, 2010, 02:08: PM

Expert Answer:

Vector has a length from source point to a destination point and also direction from source to destination.

For example, vector OA, starts from point O and ends on A.

But the length of the vector is not the only way to reach from point O to A.

If we use cartesian coordinate system, then we can start from O and move some distance in x direction, then some in y and similarly in z. And still we'll reach to point A.

Those some distances along x, y and z directions are called the components of the vector in the x, y and z direction respectively.

For example OA = ai + bj + ck, where a, b and c are the components ("those some distances along x, y and z directions respectively") of the vector OA. And i, j and k are unit vectors.

When we have to add two vectors we add their corresponding components.





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